Book Chapters

The African Years of Gavino Gabriel / Gli Anni Africani di Gavino Gabriel - in Musica e identità nel Novecento italiano: il caso di Gavino Gabriel (Pasticci S. ed.), Libreria Musicale Italiana LIM (forthcoming 2018).

Journal Articles

Musical Ethnography and Colonialism: Italian studies on African folklore from Liberal Era to Fascism / Etnografia musicale e colonialismo italiano: contributi sul folclore dei territori d'oltremare dall'epoca liberale al fascismo, Ethnorema n. 7, 2011, pp. 27-42 (in Italian).

Culture, Identity, Ideology: Italian Cultural Politics and Institutions in Colonial Libya / Ideologia, cultura, identità: politica culturale e istituzioni musicali coloniali in Libia, I sentieri della ricerca n. 13, September 2011, pp. 105-130 (in Italian).


Maurice Ohana: The Originality of a Musical Idiom. The Tiento (third part) / Maurice Ohana (parte III). Il Tiento, Il Fronimo n. 133, January 2006, pp. 36-46 (in Italian).

Maurice Ohana: The Originality of a Musical Idiom. Aesthetics and Guitar Works (second part) / Maurice Ohana (parte II). Un profilo estetico e l'opera per chitarra, Il Fronimo n. 132, October 2005, pp. 24-36 (in Italian).

Maurice Ohana: The Originality of a Musical Idiom. Biography and Culture (first part) / Maurice Ohana. L'originalità di un linguaggio - (parte I) Cenni biografici e riferimenti culturali, Il Fronimo n. 131, July 2005, pp. 31-42 (in Italian).


Music and colonialism in fascist Italy (1922-1943), Rome Tor Vergata University, 2010 (in Italian).

Maurice Ohana: L'originalità di un linguaggio, University of Bologna, 2004 (in Italian).

Encyclopedia Entries

Eritrea: History, culture, and geography of music in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Music and Culture, Sage Publications (Forthcoming 2019)

Other Publications

Music and colonialism in fascist Italy (1922-1943), Rome Tor Vergata University, 2010. Dissertation Abstract, Aethiopica. International Journal of Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies n.15 (2012):303-304.

RadioTripoli: Broadcasting Traditional Libyan Music in the 1930s - Muslim World Music Day, April 12th 2011 ( (in English).

GuitArt Magazine (North American Correspondent).

In honor of Griselda Ponce de León, Il Fronimo, n. 123, July 2003, pag. 53 (in Italian).

Italian Music and Propaganda for the Empire during the Fascist Era (1934-1942), Guest teacher at Prof. Michael Beckerman's Course on Music and Fascism - Special Studies for Graduate Students, New York University Music Department, Faculty of Arts and Science, Sept 28 2017, 2-4pm

Maurice Ohana and the Guitar: from Spanish Inspiration to a Universal Message - 2013 Guitar Foundation of America Convention, June 29 2013.

The Role of Music in the Construction of Identity in Colonial Settings: Italian Colonial Libya as Case Study - 19th International Congress of the IMS (International Musicological Society), Rome July 1-7 2012.

July 5 2012 - The Guitar Music of Maurice Ohana - New York City Classical Guitar Society, July 5 2012.

Music and Colonialism in Fascist Italy (1922-1943) - Guest Speaker at New York University Italian Department, Seminar on Italian Colonialism by Prof. Ruth Ben-Ghiat, November 1 2011.

The Italian Composers Involvement in the Imperial Propaganda: the Case of Adriano Lualdi and Alfredo Casella (Il coinvolgimento dei compositori italiani nella propaganda per l'Impero fascista: il caso di Adriano Lualdi e Alfredo Casella) - XVIII Annual Conference of SIdM (Società  Italiana di Musicologia) - Genova, October 21-23 2011.

The Pedagogy of Music in the English and North-American Journals (La pedagogia della musica per la scuola primaria nelle riviste inglesi e nordamericane) - Table round on Music Education in the Primary School for the XIV Colloquium of Musicology organized by Saggiatore Musicale - University of Bologna, November 19 2010.

Italian Music and Propaganda for the Empire during the Fascist Era - 20th century Music and Politics Conference, Bristol University Music Department, April 15 2010.

Villa-Lobos at the 2nd International Music Festival of Venice (Villa-Lobos al Festival internazionale di musica di Venezia del 1932) - International Conference on Heitor Villa-Lobos and Europe, University of RomaTre, Rome, November 27 2009.

Reception of Pasquale Bona and his Work in 20th Century (Recezione della figura e dell'opera di Pasquale Bona (1808-1878) nel Novecento) - Invited talk in occasion of the Centennial Celebration of the Birth of the Italian Composer and Theorist Pasquale Bona (1808-1878) - Rome, December 22 2007.