Isabella currently teaches guitar and music theory in two studios located in Manhattan (UWS) and Brooklyn (Williamsburg), as well as online.

She is a Royal Conservatory of Music certified teacher since 2016. Her students have been awarded New York State and Center Certificates of Excellence and were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall for the New York Celebration of Excellence Awards Recital in 2018.
If you would like to learn how to play the guitar, improve your technique, start or follow certified music studies, please contact her at

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher


"Isabella is an amazing teacher. She provides a positive environment and is patient, and provides enough challenge to keep my daughter wanting to be better. My daughter has learned so much in such a short time! And she is participating in the Royal Conservatory of Music program, which will look great on her college applications. I really respect Isabella, and I wholeheartedly recommend her. She is a true musician and a gifted teacher." Karina K., September 2017

"I have taking classical guitar lessons with Isabella for the past four months and she is the best music instructor I have ever had. She has a great eye for technique, and is very good at identifying little things you are doing incorrectly that I would find impossible to spot. Additionally, she is great at tailoring lessons to what you want to get out of them, whether by picking our pieces that fit your musical tastes, or by focusing on the more musical aspects of classical guitar. I would highly recommend Isabella and DalMaestro to any prospective classical guitar student." James K., September 2017

"Isabella Abbonizio is the best of the best. A Passionate, caring, patient and encouraging guitar teacher. My daughter started taking lessons with her only 9 months ago and she is already reading music and playing on her own. Not only does she teach my daughter in a way that she enjoys, she is an amazing performer herself. Listening to her play classical guitar is so beautiful and transforming. And seeing Isabella play, gives my daughter the inspiration she needs to keep going. She is truly an amazing teacher." Victoria S., June 2017

"I moved to New York with my family in September 2016 for seven months and I was looking for a classical guitar teacher to improve my technical skills. I had the luck to meet Isabella Abbonizio, whose positive and encouraging attitude, and unique approach to guitar technique have helped me tremendously. Isabella taught me helpful exercises to get both of my hands in shape and ready to play while also improving my technical skills on single pieces. Her lessons are invaluable, also thanks to her focus on the importance of breathing and relaxation to improve your playing. Isabella was also very helpful in suggesting great guitar technique books and materials, and repertoire appropriate to my level." Daniela C., March 2017

"I have been studying with Isabella for around 8 months now and I really enjoy working with her. She is pushing my right and left hand technique, which is difficult for me, but I can see the improvement in my playing. She is also very supportive when I struggle with some technique on the guitar. Besides very good at teaching the technical aspects of playing guitar, what is special about Isabella is that she is very good at helping students interpret and play pieces musically. This is the reason why we play music, right ? I heartily recommend Isabella as a classical guitar teacher." Steve L., December 2016

"Excellent! Isabella is very approachable. She has an perfect knowledge of the guitar and passes that knowledge along in an easy, natural, almost intuitive manner. No scolding schoolmaster here - just a constant, easy prodding to a higher level of performance. I highly recommend her to you." Neal K., September 2016

"With DalMaestro Isabella Abbonizio has brought music lessons into the 21st century with her state of the art online lessons. My daughter loves that she never has to miss a lesson in the Summer or if we are traveling, or if we simply do not have time to get to her studio in person. But the best part of working with Isabella is that she shares her enormous talent as a teacher, and passion for music with her students, and she really cares about their progress. She has taken my daughter s interest and skill level in classical guitar an amazing point in just one year! " Marcia C., August 2016

"I've been a student of Isabella for over a year, focusing on classical guitar technique and music theory. Isabella is a terrific teacher; she is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced musician with a keen ability to understand what her students need to focus on in order to improve and grow as musicians. She is supportive, patient, and always takes time to discuss exercises, repertoire, music theory, and music history. As a result, her lessons are holistic and thoughtfully customized to build confidence, technical skill, knowledge, and musicianship, while encouraging exploration and nurturing the curiosity that comes along with learning. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have Isabella as my teacher" Nicole W., April 2016

"Isabella is such a caring teacher. I had to learn how to play the guitar in a month for an audition. She helped me from choosing a guitar at the beginning to teaching me a simple song at the end. She taught me the necessary basic skills which is crucial for further development in guitar playing. I would recommend her as a teacher." P. D., March 2016

"Isabella is a talented instructor and made learning a new form of guitar pleasurable! She was flexible with our schedule—allowing me to work lessons into my cramped weekly schedule. She also tailored lessons specifically for me which helped fill the gaps in my knowledge and achieve results quickly." Roy S., Jan 2016

"My experience with the guitar is somewhat unique in that I had a 40 year hiatus in my playing. Life got in the way. Isabella immediately understood that she needed to find a way to negotiate around my old bad habits. With her gentle sense of humor and consummate knowledge of the instrument she is expertly guiding me back into this fabulous musical world of the guitar. She is able to find the right combination of technique and musicality appropriate to my playing. Her teaching is anything but a cookie cutter approach. She has the maturity to understand the student's individual goals and abilities and teach to that level." Harvey F., June 2015

"Isabella is a knowledgeable and calm teacher. While this is important, even critical, what is striking goes beyond this: she can create a wonderful sound—unusually wonderful—whenever she touches the strings, even for the simplest piece. It is a gift, and it is inspiring. I leave the lesson to slog through the basics in technique because I am aware of what can be brought forth from a guitar, and think maybe - if I practice and listen, practice and listen, and on and on - I might be able to create at least a faint echo of just this." Thomas E., May 2015

"I have been taking guitar lessons with Isabella Abbonizio for six months. She is a serious musician and an excellent teacher. Isabella has brought me into the amazing world of the guitar with clarity and precision and she is an insightful and informed instructor for students at all levels." Catherine I., March 2015

"For the past year my 7 year old son has been taking classical guitar lessons with Isabella. He started with no musical experience and he can now read music and play many basic pieces including arpeggio studies. Isabella is an extremely gifted musician and guitarist who has tremendous passion and patience for teaching. She has been able to motivate and focus my easily distracted son so that he enjoys playing the guitar and learning music. I am looking forward to experiencing my son's progress over the next year. I highly recommend Isabella as a guitar and music teacher for children and adults of all ages." Chuck H., January 2015

"I have been taking lessons with Isabella in classical guitar for several months now, starting as an intermediate beginner. In that time I've gained a greater focus on proper classical technique. The things that I value most in a teacher Isabella has in abundance. She has a beautiful sound and technique of her own, a wealth of musical knowledge and experience of repertoire, a good eye and ear for constructive criticism, and a very friendly and kind demeanor. For me the sign of an effective teacher is having a long list of notes to give you at any time regarding your playing and technique and Isabella always has many at the ready, which has been very helpful to me. She is very open to help you learn music that you want to learn, while diversifying your lessons with a varied amount of material. From Classical, Baroque, Italian, Spanish, Cuban music, there is a lot to learn under her. As a classical guitar student, you couldn't ask for a more inspiring teacher." Rod L., Sept 2014

"After studying jazz guitar for a number of years, I recently fell in love with the sound of the Classical Guitar. I wanted to learn how to play this beautiful style of music. I knew the transition would not be easy. I also knew I wanted an instructor who was not only technically proficient but also played with expression and feeling. After doing a lot of research I discovered Isabella Abbonizio. Her playing spoke to me on an emotional level. I could only hope that her teaching methods were as masterful as her abilities as a performer. I was not disappointed.
... read more Michael B., June 2014

"I started taking lessons with Isabella as a rusty intermediate player 9 months ago. Isabella has helped me tremendously with my playing, pinpointing issues and offering great tips and devising specific exercises to improve my technique. She always analyzes a new piece of music for me so that I understand the structure and intention as I learn it. I appreciate that she keeps her standard for me high yet is patient and supportive in helping me reach it. She covers everything from tone production to optimal LH/RH positions to expression to music theory when it comes up, her explanations always very clear. We do a combination of online and in-person lessons, depending on what we try to achieve in each lesson and also on our schedules, which gives me a lot of flexibility. Isabella is an excellent teacher and I recommend her wholeheartedly!" Stephanie L., June 2014

"I have been studying with Isabella for the past year and my playing has improved significantly during that time. She has taught me essential studies which have noticeably enhanced my technique and my awareness of playing. She is extremely knowledgeable about music theory and history which has provided a new understanding to my interpretation of a wide range of guitar pieces. And most importantly she is very patient and insightful in explaining the critical issues needed to reach a higher level of playing. I highly recommend Isabella to anyone who is searching for a teacher to improve their ability and renew their passion for playing." Chuck H., Nov 2013

"I've been a student of Isabella's for 6 months, and could not be happier. I've been playing jazz, rock, and blues on and off for 30 years and wanted to add classical guitar to my arsenal. Making the switch to classical for me is like spending your life writing with your right hand and then suddenly switching to your left hand. Having Isabella as an instructor has been a tremendous help. Besides being an outstanding musician/performer, she is a patient, well organized, and engaging teacher.... read more" Ed S., August 2013

"When shopping around for lessons, I quickly discovered there are a lot of great guitarists out there, but great teachers are rare. Isabella excels not only as a master player but also as a patient and succinct tutor who will take your playing to the next level—I can't recommend her lessons more." John M., June 2013

"I was a self taught musician of many years who wanted to get a more technical knowledge of guitar to improve my sound. After perusing many guitar instructors online I decided to choose Isabella based on what her prior students had said about her. Every lesson was focused on improving my musicality and sloppy technique, but I was never discouraged because my improvement was so rapid. Isabella is very patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. She has not only taught me how to play pieces technically but how to put personal expression into them. " Jimmy D., June 2013

"For many years I taught myself classical guitar, but I felt I wasn't growing. So, about eight months ago I decided to find a teacher. Fortunately, I found Isabella Abbonizio. Isabella is always very attentive, observant, and astutely pinpoints the source of my technical and musical problems. She shows me many ways to enhance my practicing, so that technical study does not become tedious and rote, but rather, challenging and fun! I am truly thankful for her wisdom, derived from years of study as both musicologist and performer. Though she is a classical virtuoso, she continues to learn and enthusiastically shares the new things that she learns. Isabella possesses all the qualities of a true teacher. I recommend her—highly!" Laurie E., April 2013

"I started guitar lessons with Isabella in January 2012 as an advanced beginner. I have benefitted tremendously from working with her. She tailors her teaching to specifically address my interests, and is very good at adapting the pace of learning to my work schedule and available time to practice. ... read more " Riyad A., August 2012

"I have been studying guitar with Isabella Abbonizio since October 2011. I wanted to learn music theory and to improve my technique. Isabella has been a great teacher creating a program that keeps me motivated to learn. Since beginning lessons with Isabella my ability to read music has greatly improved, she has been able to explain music to me in a way that has made it more engaging and exciting. I improved my technique immensely and increased my interest in music theory. Isabella's personality is engaging and her curriculum is personalized for each of her students." Greg S., August 2012

"The guitar lessons with my teacher Isabella Abbonizio are the best thing I've done in Years. Thank you!" Greg S., November 2011



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