"I started guitar lessons with Isabella in January 2012 as an advanced beginner. I have benefitted tremendously from working with her. She tailors her teaching to specifically address my interests, and is very good at adapting the pace of learning to my work schedule and available time to practice. She listens carefully to my playing and to my concerns and wishes. I believe that she really understands how to work with individual students to maximize their potential, rather than imposing any one teaching method. She has helped me with technique and sight reading, and we have worked through pieces that I have selected, as well as pieces she has recommended that will improve my technique. She is very good at giving me tips, practice ideas and suggestions to help me deal with roadblocks or measures that I find difficult. She is extremely supportive and encouraging, and couches her critical comments in a positive and constructive manner. I have never enjoyed playing the guitar as much as I do today, and look forward to my continued improvement under her instruction." Riyad A., 45, August 2012