"I've been a student of Isabella's for 6 months, and could not be happier. I've been playing jazz, rock, and blues on and off for 30 years and wanted to add classical guitar to my arsenal. Making the switch to classical for me is like spending your life writing with your right hand and then suddenly switching to your left hand. Having Isabella as an instructor has been a tremendous help. Besides being an outstanding musician/performer, she is a patient, well organized, and engaging teacher.Her approach to teaching really works . As the pieces become more complex, she breaks down each piece measure by measure, line by line , until I'm actually playing things I thought were way over my head. Isabella explains the theory behind the compositions in a simple, easy to understand way. My music reading skills have vastly improved. She also stresses the proper tone, and tempo of each piece,helping me improve overall as a musician. I highly recommend Isabella - with Isabella as your teacher and a regular practice regimen- YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!!! I sure am!!" Ed S. Brooklyn,NY