"After studying jazz guitar for a number of years, I recently fell in love with the sound of the Classical Guitar. I wanted to learn how to play this beautiful style of music. I knew the transition would not be easy. I also knew I wanted an instructor who was not only technically proficient but also played with expression and feeling. After doing a lot of research I discovered Isabella Abbonizio. Her playing spoke to me on an emotional level. I could only hope that her teaching methods were as masterful as her abilities as a performer. I was not disappointed.Through her patience and knowledge of this art form, she has slowly begun to guide me into developing the necessary skills it will take to express myself on the guitar. I have been studying with her now for six months and am still amazed at how quickly she is able to solve my technical problems. She has been especially helpful in teaching me how to read and analyze a score and always suggests the most logical and efficient fingerings for both the right and left hands.

I must admit that at first I was skeptical of how beneficial on-line lessons would be. I soon realized that with her professional setup it is no different than being in the same room with her. The best part is there is no travel time and I never have to take my beautiful classical guitar into bad weather! I would recommend Isabella to anyone looking to learn or advance on this wonderful journey of playing Classical Music on the guitar." Michael B, 40y, June 2014, NY